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Yeah, those tracks are where I have been 8-) I will update this page when I have more data. Thanks ^_^

How can I walk into the river 8-)

ZhangJiabang bicycling

Planed destination: ZhangJiabang

Planed date: 2009.05.01

Status: Done 8-)


Accessible from Google Earth:


Track: 2009.05.01

SanJiagang bicycling

Planed destination: SanJiagang FIXME

Planed date: 2009.05.30 change to 2009.05.29Daniel Li 2009/05/10 15:56

Planned route: Route Video Photo Gallery

Status: Closed


Accessible from Google Earth:


Track: 20090529_014118.log.tar.bz2 (75.76 KiB, 3 downloads) — Daniel Li 2009/05/31 07:15


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